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Romans 6:6-9 The Life We Live


The Life We Live 
Romans 6: 6-9   

 I. Made Free
  A. Rom. 6: 7, 18, 22; 8: 2; Gal. 5: 1
  B. The Christian is like one who has been a slave but is now made a free man by legal decree.
  C. But with the same decree that made him free, the judge declared his master to be his slave.
  D. The victory is ours to seize. We do not have to serve sin.
  E. Rom 6: 6b “… That henceforth we should not serve sin.” to be a slave, to be in bondage. 
  F. Because: he that is dead is free from sin.” Rom. 6: 7 or free from enslavement.
  G. We do not have to be held captive by him (Satan) who once had power over us. He has been defeated.
  H. Furthermore, you have the power to be his master.
  I. For some, being master comes easy, for others, not so easy. For all, there are moments when we give in and let the old master have his way.

 II. God Desires That We Should Live Holy Lives
  A. He wants us to live free from the tyranny of sin.
  B. His purpose is not merely that we be saved for eternity but that we are kept, saved and triumphant, in our life on Earth.
  C. I Thess. 4: 1-3. Sanctification is the noun for the verb: to sanctify to make holy.
  D. When God says that His will is our sanctification, He means he wants us to live holy lives, not slaves to sin.
  E. If you are out of the will of God, even for a single moment, it is because you have chosen to do so.
  F. God wants you in fellowship with Him. He wants you not only to be His child, but also to behave like His child.
  G. Understand, no human being has ever attained perfect holiness: not Peter, Paul or John. They occasionally turned away from the power of Christ, so we can be sure that we will too.
  H. But even though none of us can be absolutely and continually holy, we can live a life so wonderful that anything else fades by comparison.
  I. If you have ever lived in complete union with the Lord for one minute, you can never be satisfied with anything less.
  J. True, the old nature takes its toll and there are times when  you follow afar off; but the memory of the moments with Him will cause you to hunger after righteousness.

 III. Grieving the Holy Spirit
  A. Ephesians 4: 30
  B. We can grieve the Holy Spirit so that He becomes silent.
  C. When that happens, we have little happiness or peace.
  D. But that can be rectified by allowing Him to operate: get the Adamic nature checked.
  E. Christ died that our body of sin might no longer be jailer but prisoner, no longer captor but slave.
  F. If the old nature is no longer allowed complete domination; does this mean that its hold has been broken?
  G. Lets look at I Thes. 4: 3-5. I am sure that more than sexual lust is involved in the text.
  H. Many believers need to be reminded to keep their bodies holy and pure; but all of us must be reminded that our heart and mind should be pure too.

 IV. Dying Daily
  A. Just as the crucifixion was a slow drawn out agonizing process, so is living the sanctified life.
  B. Those who teach that sinless perfection is possible, deceive no one but themselves. I Jo. 1: 8.
  C. The sad part about that kind of teaching is that it leads one to think that no matter what he does it is not sin.
  D. Our death with the Lord Jesus is both a crisis and a process. We must crucify self daily. We must yield to the will of God daily.
  E. Sure you may experience what some may call a second blessing, the surrendered life, or when Christ is received as Lord. Although these elements may be in the yielding process, one thing is for sure – it does not do away with the old Adam.
  F. Many Christians never go through the phase of dying with Christ. They live in defeat. The struggle is frequently long and severe. But as the Holy Spirit is allowed to move within us and we yield to Him, then comes peace.
  G. We must die with Christ day by day- that’s the process.
  H. If you could stand on the mountain peak of the Bible and survey your life, you will see the conflicts, growing pains, and the defeats. You will see tears mixed with laughter, nevertheless, from the point of view of the Word of God, you see progress. Phil. 1: 6.
  I. God’s way of making us like Christ is continual crucifixion mingled with continuous infusion of divine life. Psalms 139.
  J. Since we are joined to Christ in His death, we are joined to Him in His resurrection. Col. 1: 27.
 V. Death no longer has dominion Rom. 6: 9
  A. That is what the Lord meant when He said:
   John 19: 30.
  B. Christ died once; He can never die again.
  C. We can live knowing what He did, we did.
  D. Rejoice in the Lord.