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Romans 6:5-6 Victory in Jesus


Victory in Jesus   
Romans 6: 5, 6   
 I. Planted together with Christ
  A. Gr. sumphutos to grow along with, closely united, to be the same.
  B. I recently went to view the giant redwood trees near San    Francisco. I was told by a park attendant that the reason    some of the trees were so big was because two or more    had grown together, giving the appearance of one giant    tree.
  C. I have read that near Santa Cruz are two trees at an angle to each other, but a hundred or so feet up, the two are joined together with a single top growing from the two trunks.
  D. This is the picture of a believer and Christ.
  E. In Romans 6: 5, 6, we have two truths that stand out:
   1. God says we have become one with Christ in death.
   2. He also says we are one with the Lord in His      resurrection.
  F. Growing out of the root of Adam, we are by nature sinners, children of wrath and disobedience.
  G. But God, before the foundation of the world, had a plan to    save a large number of us, that we might be the praise of    His glory. Eph. 1: 3-6.
  H. So, in the fullness of time, He sent Jesus to die on the    cross. II Cor. 5: 21.
  I. But the wonder of it all is this: God looked down on time    and saw us In Christ, grown into him, like the redwood    trees, and we are one plant with Him.
  J. Christ, by becoming sin for us, grew into us, so that our    death become His death, and His death become the death    of our death. “Praise the Lord!”
  K. God looks at the believer as judicially dead to sin forever.
   1. When the Father made Christ to be sin for us, it was     my sin that He was dealing with.
   2. When the Father turned His face from Jesus, He turned His face from me because of my sin.
   3. When the Father bruised the Son and put Him to grief,     He considered me bruised and put to grief.
   4. Though it was not I but Christ, God saw me in it.
   5. The suffering was all His, but the results are all mine –     forever! In God’s eyes we are one tree, one plant.
L. What was true for Christ’ death was true for His
   resurrection. Now the tree of His resurrection grows out of
   that trunk of the cross, and praise God, I am growing out
   of it with Him.

  M. In the eyes of God I have only the life of Christ.
 II. Delivered From Sin.  Rom. 6: 5, 6
  A. Since we are so very much aware of our sinful nature, this    truth is hard to comprehend.
  B. But the fact is, for a believer, the power of sin has been    replaced by resurrection power. Sadly though, all to many    of us have not appropriated that power. 
  C. Many time we question whether or not we are truly saved.    So we fall back and waste months or years because we    have failed to comprehend what we have as believers,     and the true source of deliverance from sin.
  D. Some teach, “come back to God and take by faith,     salvation from the effects of sin.
  E. Others, having gone through the sin wars, fling themselves upon the grace and power of Christ, experience joy and peace, and call it a second blessing and believe they have attained permanent sinlessness.
  F. We are not to look to an experience, we are to look to God. I John 1: 8-10. Our Adamic nature cannot be cured, trained, polished, or cleaned. It can only be crucified with Christ.
  G. As we grow in the knowledge of His Word, we can better    understand what we have in Christ.
  H. Our sins have been removed from us and placed on     Christ, and we are of the same plant and fabric as the    Savior. We are complete in Christ. 
  I. Our eternal union with Christ is already a fact in heaven.
  J. Perhaps you are and in and out Christian: in His will one    day, out of it the next. Recognize your oneness with Christ
 III. Old Man Look at Romans 6: 6.
  A. Now look at Eph. 4: 17-24; Col. 3: 5-10.
  B. The old man is pictured as revoltingly foul.
  C. We have seen that God looks upon us as having died with    Christ, and this fact makes possible the triumph of the    Christian life.
  D. In Order to recognize the new life, let us consider a     counterfeit which is all to prevalent in churches today.
  E. Counterfeit crucifixion is practiced by thousands of Christians. We sin, the old Adam says make a show of righteousness. Proclaim your hatred for sin. Give up things, and so we begin to establish his own righteousness.
  F. Proudly we proclaim, “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t run around on my spouse, I don’t us makeup…”
  G. We have crucified the left hand, but the right hand is free to point to all we have given up.

  H. This is bastard holiness. We appear to be crucified with    Christ, when actually we are staging a fleshly imitation.
   Col. 2: 23
  I. The fleshly nature of the believer – the old man – can be    just as proud of being humble as the unsaved man can be    proud of the amount of alcohol he can drink.
  J. The old man can be proud of goodness, of preaching or    teaching, of clean living – proud of anything, good or bad.
  K. The real crucifixion of our old man can only be done to us    by Christ Himself.
  L. The purpose of our joint crucifixion with Christ by God was in order that the body of sin, which is our old man, might be destroyed. Rom. 6: 6
  M. Destroyed Gr. kataregeo to render idle, unemployed, inactive, inoperative, to deprive of force, influence or power. Heb. 2: 14
  N. Satan still exist, he still operated in this world. But the work of Christ has established principles whereby Satan can be overcome day by day.
  O. God has not left us without power. In His sight, Satan and    our old man are rendered powerless when we avail     ourselves of what God has given us in Christ.
  P. We must stand with rifles pointed at the devil.
   1. He will tell us its not loaded.
   2. He will challenge us to put it down and learn karate, of     which he is master.
  Q. But when we realize that the weapon of triumph has been    put into our hands, that our captor is now our prisoner, we    can have victory over sin.