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Romans 6:3-5 Passed From Life into Death


Passed From Death to Life

 Romans 6: 3-5    
 I. Are you ignorant?
  A. “Know ye not?” in the Greek is agnoeo not to know (through lack of information or intelligence); to be ignorant.
  B. Paul is saying, “don’t be ignorant about what you have in    Christ. You have been joined to Christ and are complete in    Him, and have complete union with Him in every facet of    His life”
  C. Since we are identified with Christ in His death, we will not sin that grace may abound. Our justification is to lead to holiness.
  D. We have been reconciled to walk with God, not away from Him. Because we are justified we are to be holy. That is the reason Christians exist. (Grapes on a vine are not merely proof that the vine is alive; they are the reason the vine lives.)

 II. All Guilt Has Been Removed.
  A. On what grounds? Christ not only took our sins to the    cross – He took our sin.
  B. Not only the sins that were past (Rom. 3: 25) but all sins of those chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. (Eph. 1: 3, 4)
  C. Because God placed our sin (guilt) on Christ and identified    us with Him, we are secure – in Christ. If you deny this,    you deny His finished work.
  D. The passage says we were baptized into His death.
  E. What did He die for? Our sin! So our guilt has been     removed and we are fully justified in God eyes.
  F. Then why do I feel so bad when I sin? II Cor. 7: 9, 10.
  G. Salvation is a continuing process that is to be worked out    on a daily basis. Phil. 2: 12, 13.
  H. But when the storms of life are ragging, God reaches out    His hand. Ps. 37: 24.
  I. All of us have doubts. That is Satan trying to hinder your    joy in the Lord. Christians, over a period of time, begin to    realize just how bad they are, as Paul did.
   1. Look at the progressive recognition of how bad his     flesh was: I Cor. 15: 9; Eph. 3: 8; I Tim. 1: 15.

 III. My Sins: forgiven and forgotten!
  A. To be identified with Christ in His burial is very important.
  B. It teaches us that our sins can never again be brought    against us.
  C. Perhaps you have agonized for years over a particular sin.
  D. I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t. Rom. 8: 29, 30.
  E. If God has forgotten our sin, why shouldn’t we?
  F. Since the sin will never be brought up again by God, it    shouldn’t be recalled by you. They are forgiven are     removed are far as the east is from the west. Ps. 103: 12.
  G. Because all this is true, there can be no justification for    ridiculous public confessions.
   1. To go back to our sins again and again is to forget they have been buried with Christ.
   2. Once you have confessed a sin to Him, to confess it     again can only bring sorrow because you have not     understood the grace of God.
  H. Sins power was judicially dealt with at the cross; its power    is cancelled and its dominion is ended.
  I. We are one with the Savior in His death and in His triumph    over sin. Rejoice!

 IV. God wants us to live resurrected lives.
  A. He has made provisions for us to do so.
  B. We must not be deceived by our daily conflict with sin or    by what we see in other believers.
  C. The experience of Christians is not always Christian     experience.
  D. We have been identified with Christ in His death in order to be identified with Him in His resurrection. That is not only a  promise for the future but also for the present.

 V. Victory in Jesus
  A. We live in the age of grace and stand on this side of     Calvary and the empty tomb in newness of life.
  B. In His resurrection we have eternal life and DAILY     VICTORY.
  C. We should all seek to know more of Christ, for then we will    realized the power that is ours in Christ Jesus.
   Phil. 3: 7-10.
  D. The things of your past life should be forgotten:
   Phil. 3: 13-15.
  E. And we should press forward with the assurance that we    are in Him and He is in us.
  F. Everything He has, we have. Everything he secured, He    secured for us.
  G. Our conversation is in heaven. Phil. 3: 20, 21 and one of    these days this old body of sin will fall away and I will    receive my glorified body, as He has already received His.
  H. Why do you worry about what you have done?
  I. Shouldn’t you concern yourself with what you should do?
   Col. 3: 1-3.