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Romans 6:1-2 Sin: Repugnant, Horrible, Abhorrent


Sin: Repugnant, Horrible, Abhorrent                                

Romans 6: 1, 2                                                                            

        I.     Paul’s Argument

               A.   Sin is repugnant. To say that we should sin in order for grace to abound is to not fully understand the cross.

               B.   Paul is answering those who misrepresent the cross.

                     1.   Satan inspires opposition to the cross.

                     2.   These people hate the truth of God so much they will  go to extremes to try to destroy it. Lies are the             main weapon.

               C.  Truth is truth is truth. But Satan distorts it in order to fight it.

       II.     Eternal Security

               A.   In the Book of Romans we see the theological development of this truth, especially chapters 3-5.

               B.   Then in chapter six God begins to unfold what justification  by faith, which is eternal security, entails.

               C.  To keep believers from the knowledge of eternal security,  Satan cries out: “if you are saved, you can live in sin, why the more you sin, the more you realized how good being  saved is.”

               D.  God Forbid!

               E.   Two opposing views: 

               Opponents of grace                                    Grace believers

1.   Teaches as long as you believe                         We say no. Those who are Justified by faith in Christ have eternal

 you can do anything you like.                               life and that God is able to keep them                                                                             

2.   Puts the leverage for living inside                  Puts the leverage in Christ.

      the individual.

3.   Teaches salvation by works                                Teaches salvation by grace

4.   Looks at the sins of the individual                     Looks at the death of the Savior.

5. Their argument is based on human logic          Only accepts God’s Word

F.   We preach the simplicity of the gospel and immediately  some say we are fanatics in order to distort the truth.

 G.  When we teach that all who have believed the gospel will  live with God forever, opponents accuse us of teaching    that as long as one is saved they can do as they wish.

  1. To this we answer: ”God forbid! What a horrible thought.

               I.    Opponents to eternal security are disguising a teaching of salvation by works and are hiding behind a mask of pretended faith. Example; Those He calls His sheep: 1) They hear His voice, 2) He knows them, 3) They follow Him, 4) He gives them eternal life, 5) and they shall never perish. Notice –

               K.   There are no conditions attached; no works necessary. But those who oppose the truth of eternal security would make the verses say: “My sheep hear my voice and I know them. If they follow me, I will give them eternal life and they shall never perish.”

               J.   Yes, they may act sincere in their teaching, but they may be tares among the wheat. If they are saved, they are out of the will of God and we should no more point to them any more than to: denounce honesty because some men steal, to deny marriage because some spouses are unfaithful, to not believe in truth because some people tell lies.

               K.   II Cor. 5: 14, 15.   We are not Christians because we lead a Christian life; we lead a Christian life because we are Christians.

               L.   Justification by faith has declared the believer righteous,                                 though it has not made him righteous. The birth of a child                                                      does not make him grow but rather places him in an                       atmosphere where he may grow.

      IV.     Newness of Life

               A.   Union with Christ carries with it two distinct effects:

  1. Eph. 2: 12, were all dead in sin & Rom. 1: 30 (haters of God) but, all this was dealt with by the cross: he paid our debt and we are accepted in the beloved. But this declaration of righteousness does not make us actively righteous; we need the grace of God, which enables us to live holy lives, thus the second effect of the work of Christ

                     2.   Is identification in His resurrection.

       V.     The Deceitfulness of sin.

               A.   Heb. 3: 13. If sin can deceive a believer, how much more deceitful is it to an unbeliever. If you have 20/20 vision and cannot see an object clearly, how can someone born blind  see it?

               B.   Because of the deceitful nature of sin, the unsaved world   cannot comprehend it. John 8: 44.

               C.  We understand that sin is deceitful because it comes from  the devil, the father of lies, who uses falsehood to suit his purpose and even teaches that it does not exist. God  Forbid!

               VI.  Believers Deceived

               A.   The believer will be spiritually deceived by turning from the Word. Col. 2: 8.

               B.   Because false ideas set false patterns of thought,  everything must be tested by the Word. Ps. 119: 105. That  is why the Bereans were complimented: Acts 17: 11.

               C.  That is why Isaiah turned to the Word: Isa. 8: 19, 20.

               D.  It is possible to turn from the Word to material things, as described in the parable of the sower: Matt. 13: 18-23.

               E.   The seeds, which fell among the thorns, typified the man for whom “the care of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word, and he becomes unfruitful.”

               F.   Material things can deceive us as easily as false ideas.

VII.          Christ was made sin for us.

               A.   Before the cross, in the Garden of Gethsemane,

Luke 22: 42-44, an angel ministered unto Him and strengthened Him, and his sweat was “drops of blood for me.”

               B.   Mark says He was distressed. Mk. 14: 33

               C.  He saw the cross and the horror of being made sin for us.

               D.  He was not shrinking from death; Satan did not frighten him; but all of the sin of the world was so appalling that His soul was distressed even unto death.

               E.   Now we can better understand God’s hatred for sin.

               F.   Four men offer him vinegar as He hangs on the cross, then they stripped Him naked and left Him.

               G.  We hear Him cry, “My God, My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?”