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Obed Kirkpatrick was born in Jonesboro, Louisiana: was educated at Hodge Elementary,  Jonesboro-Hodge High School and Northeast Louisiana University (Which is now known as the University of Louisiana-Monroe.

After college he fulfilled his military obligation in the Army Artillery in Germany and Ft. Bliss Texas and resigned his commission with the rank of Captain.

He was offered, and took,  a job as Director od student Activitees at his college Alma mater in Monroe upon leaving El Paso. Then he got into insurance and real estate in Monroe and Alexandria, Louisiana. It was in Alexandria that he felt called into the ministry.

 He was reared in a Southern Baptist Church. While in the Baptist church he was a teacher, a Deacon, Chairman of the Deacons, served on most major committees,  and was also Music Director at Horseshoe Drive Baptist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Brother Obed became disenchanted with organized religion after learning “Right Division” from Brother E. C. Moore, of Pensacola, Florida. After spending three years teaching Bible classes to anyone who would listen to the Pauline message of grace, he moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1975, where he started Berean Bible Fellowship Church and pastored there until 1997. The Baton Rouge church is now called Grace Believers Bible Fellowsip, and Mark Rumfello is the Pastor/Teacher.

While in Baton Rouge, Brother Obed began to write simplified lesson plans because the majority of his congregation were either from a Catholic background or never went to any church on a regular basis. Because of this he designed a Time Chart to show people how God laid out the Bible from eternity past to eternity future and he publish the lesson plans on his copy machine. He started writing his Limited Knowledge in 1980 and it would not have been published, which it was in 2006,  except for the efforts of Brother Jerry Lochart in New Braunfels, Texas. You can purchase Volume One at Amazon.

In the year 2000 he moved to Franklin, Tennessee, where he now resides, to be close to his grand children, Kourtney, Shelby and Carson and his oldest son Wayne and his wife Fran. His middle son Karey lives in Pacific Palisades, California , with  his wife Nada and children, Sami, Maia and Finn. His youngest son, Brent, lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Agneiszka.

Since coming to Tennessee he has continued his writing and has self-published two books: The Limited Knowledge Series, Volumes 1 and 2. He has since written more than 25 booklets, which you can find on this wed site. He wants everyone who visits to have the ability to download anything that want for study. It is his intention to publish detailed verse by verse study of Ephesians and Philippians in 2012. His detailed verse by verse study of Galatians is in Volume 3 of The Limited Knowledge Series.

At the time of this writing Brother Obed conducts two Bible classes: 1) In his home on Monday night, starting time 7:00PM and, 2) In Tennessee city, just west of Dickson, TN, starting time 9:00 AM Saturdays.

Brother Obed’s Ministry is grace oriented, take what you want and give if you want.  If you have a desire to help with this ministry make checks payable to: Obed Kirkpatrick Ministry and send it  to the address below:

Obed Kirkpatrick
1705 Rocking Chair Place
Franklin, TN 37067

Phone 615-628-8340